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Community Therapists' Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Community Therapists is committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and clients and the information outlined here will explain the many steps we have taken to manage the threat that COVID-19 poses to our valued team members and clients.


Client Screening

We have developed a client screening tool that we have circulated to our network of clinicians. The tool is a simple questionnaire that is administered over the phone prior to any scheduled clinic, community or home visit. This tool allows us to understand if the client presents with any risk factors that would warrant a rescheduling of the visit to a date which is outside the 14 day incubation period for COVID-19 including out of country travel, contact with someone who has COVID-19 or symptoms of illness (e.g. fever, cough etc.).

Adapting How We Work

We have enabled work-from-home technology for our administrative staff and advised our team how to access this option. Our healthcare professionals primarily work in the community and maintain home offices utilizing remote and secure VPN access and with our guidance have reduced their visits to our offices. With respect to clinical programs, due to the closure of community centres and other facilities, we are conducting treatment sessions at home and via video conferencing technology. We use a secure platform that has Canadian data residency and End-to-End encryption to ensure compliance with privacy legislation. We have also invested in improved equipment for our Kinesiology team to conduct advanced exercises in a home setting where social distancing can be more easily maintained.


We have placed signage throughout our offices on how to prevent infection including personal hygiene and social distancing. We are providing regular updates to our administrative and clinical teams so they are well prepared and understand how to manage risks related to Covid19. We provide regular reminders to staff to not attend work if they feel ill and to also cancel any clinical appointments with clients.

Increased Sanitation and Cleaning Procedures

We have increased sanitation and cleaning procedures in our offices to help prevent the transmission of Covid-19. These procedures extend to administrative and clinical areas of our offices (e.g. clinical equipment used in testing).

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

We value feedback regarding our polices and initiatives to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

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