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Post-COVID-19 Treatment

The Post Covid-19 Treatment Program (PCTP) is Community Therapists’ response to the needs of clients who have recovered from their COVID-19 illness but continue to experience limitations which impact their daily functioning, sometimes referred to as Long COVID. This community-based program combines the efforts of our Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists working in close collaboration with community health partners including the client’s physician and specialists.

Post COVID-19 Symptoms & Limitations

Through our direct clinical experience and our review of the evidence, we now know that more than 80% of clients who have recovered from COVID-19 experience one or more of the following symptoms 3-6 months after recovery (Lancet, 2021):

  • Fatigue and post exertional malaise
  • Weakness and musculoskeletal pain
  • Brain fog/problems with memory or concentration
  • Difficulty breathing (managing breathlessness & residual cough)
  • Chest pain or heart complications
  • Low or altered mood states
  • Headache
  • Sleep disturbance
These symptoms can lead to functional limitations at home, in community, in school and at work.

Treatment Approach

Working in close collaboration with the client’s physicians and specialists, our program of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and kinesiology includes an initial assessment followed by an individualized treatment program that includes one or more of the following to help restore functioning to optimum levels:

  • Reassurance regarding recovery post COVID-19
  • Education (e.g., positioning, pacing, sleep hygiene, stress management, energy conservation)
  • Supervised exercise-based rehabilitation including aerobic and strength conditioning*
  • Structured and gradual increases in home, community, school and work activity (GRTW)
  • Communication with the client’s healthcare team to ensure coordinated treatment and goals
  • Engaging community health partners to support the client in their functional recovery (i.e., counselling, psychology, home care agencies)
*the appropriateness of exercise therapy is determined through assessment, reliance on evidence-based guidelines & consultation with the client’s physician

Accessing Treatment

For clients with a valid WorkSafeBC or disability insurance claim related to their COVID-19 illness or a valid employer health plan, our services may be covered. Clients can self-refer, have their doctor refer to us or request their insurance case manager refer them to our program. A combination of in-person and virtual care delivery is available.

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